Monday 19 March 2018

I Need A Bin - What is General Waste Bin Used For?

Here is a Summary of the Most Frequent Uses for the General Waste type of Bin:

Question:What CAN I put into the bin?

Answer: The Type of Waste that you can put into the skip bin depends on what type of rubbish or waste you have booked your bin for.

One of the most common waste types when hiring a bin is a General Waste.

General Waste - which can include all household items and green waste.  Green waste is mainly tree branches, as long as there is no soil or any heavy items from your garden.  The most common reasons in Melbourne, Australia for people to order general waste bins are:

  • Moving a house.  People order General Waste bins initially for the old house - where they are moving out from.  Majority of families prefer to sort through and dispose of unnecessary, old, broken items and start their living in a new house with a clutter free environment.
  • Parents or older people are moving to a retirement home.  This would mean a very large clean out of the house and would warrant a very large bin, anywhere between 12 cubic meters and 31 cubic meters or a few of those bins.  The number of bins will depend on how big the home, being vacated is and how many years the residents lived there and had a chance to accumulate various furniture and other items.
  • Deceased Estates - this would mean a few 31 cubic meters bins as usually the whole house would need to be cleared out, provided that none of the items will be sold.  On average - if the house is at least 3 bedrooms and had more than 1 person living there - there would be enough possessions to fill a large bin, not to count a garage and a back yard.
  • End of Lease Clean out.  This type of situation is very common with Commercial Leases, where the business has to completely clean out the premises and it usually means very large bins.  The size of the bin and the number of bins will largely depend on what type of premises the business was occupying - whether it was a hairdressing salon, a restaurant, an office or a factory.  Consequently then the bigger the premises and the larger the amount of fixtures and fittings - the larger bin sizes the clean up will warrant and most likely a few bins at that.  
  • Annual Factory Clean out.  If annual factory or a warehouse clean out is a regular annual event then the management usually has an idea of what size bin or a number of bins might be appropriate.  Quite often it could be between 12 cubic meters bins and 31 cubic meters bins and anything in between, such as 21 cubic meters bins and 24 cubic meters bins.  As long as the factory or warehouse is being cleaned in a regular intervals - the size of the bin will probably be consistent from one clean up to the next one.
  • Annual or Semi-Annual Schools Clean Up.  Most schools will utilize the school holidays for a regular clean up, which would required a minimum of a 6 cubic meters bin.  When the school is purchasing a new furniture or disposes of an outdated or unsafe equipment or simply has a working bee event - bins are essential in order to facility a central waste collection point and have a deadline by which the bin will be taken away, to ensure clean up will happen within the allocated timeline.
  •  Tenants Moving Out of your Investment Property.  Whether you are holding a residential or commercial property - unfortunately in some cases tenants just leave and also leave all the mess behind them.  Of cause this would constitute a breach of the rental agreement however once all the legalities have been dealt with - it is up to the owner to clean up the mess and get their property ready as soon as possible for the re-lease and read to greet a new tenant.  Depending on whether the premises are commercial or residential, the size of the bin and consequent number of the bins will vary.  For an advice on the size of the bin required for each of these situations would be best to contact the bin hire company and get some advice over the phone. In some cases - for a warehouse clean up - there might be a need to outsource the whole job to a Skip Hire Company, where they can come with machinery and load the bins faster, especially if you have a deadline of re-leasing the property.
There are many more reasons for people and organisations to hire a General Waste type of bin, which could be as simple as cleaning out your garage or just an annual Spring Cleaning for your house.  For each of these reasons there is a certain size of bin, which would be suitable from the smallest 2 cubic meters bins to the largest 31 cubic meters bulk bins.

For more information and to discuss your unique situation of bin hire - please contact a friendly team at Need A Skip Now and we will find the perfect bin size for your job.


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